About Us

Catalog345.com (Catalog345 Ltd.) is a multi-vendor website and delivery service for Grand Cayman. Our sole focus is for the residents of Grand Cayman to be able to view which products are already on island rather than importing from abroad. Importing products could take much longer getting to the island and sometimes may cost more when the product may have already been on islands.

For the customer, we offer a platform to view a vast amount of on island products from our various vendors and also offer fast delivery for all over the islands for a small fee. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to hear about vendor offers, coupons and news relating to the company! You can use our website to buy the product online or just view them before picking them up instore; the choice is yours!

For the vendors, we offer you a platform to broadcast your products to the entire population of Grand Cayman! We will upload your products on our easy-to-use platform at a small cost, we can advertise your store using our website banners and your store news in our weekly email to our subscribers. We also offer a delivery service so the customer has the best possible service! As time passes, we will perfect the production process and start offering new products and service. Thanks so much for using our website and keep shopping!